Carinthia in summer

The magnificent Carinthian mountains and lakes invite you to relax, exciting destinations offer fun and adventure.

Starting in the mountains! Here you can truly recharge and relax away from the hustle and bustle in the family circle. Hiking, mountain climbing or even just a walk in intact nature will make Carinthia unforgettable for you!

Or maybe a bathing day on the lake – the beautiful Lake Millstatt is just a 10-minute drive from Mailaenderhof!

Even away from the sunny heights and lakes with drinking water quality Carinthia has much to offer: excursions galore! About 100 of the most beautiful destinations – from the cable cars on the shipping lines to the museums – are with the Kärnten Card!

logo-kaerntencard Booking a holiday in the spring or in the fall, will also include the “Kärnten-Card” FREE of charge.
This inclusive card can be used for free or reductions on more than 100 destinations in Carinthia!