The history of Mailänderhof

The farm name “Milan” means the land of hay, originated from the ancient word mèdelant, meilant = Hay or maejen for mowing. The name appeared for the Wirst time in connection with Christian Milan, who lived here with his family in 1580.

In 1950 Edwin Rudolf Steiner takes over the farm. He manages the Mailänderhof together with his wife Inge – our “Mutta” – and their three children – Walburga, Barbara and Ingeborg – until 1985. During this time the construction of today’s main house on the old foundations from 1956 takes place. This sets the foundations for todays “holiday on a farm“. Guest room with hot and cold running water, central heating, a large swimming pool and a ski lift already in place offering the highest standards for vacationing during this time. In 1973 the annex for the dining room was built.

In 1985 the daughter Walburga Elisabeth Steiner, then Borowan, takes over and expands further. In 1994 the apartment house in timber-construction is added.

The approximately 150-acre big Mailaenderhof, consisting largely of forest land and is managed as close to nature and ecologically worthwhile.

What hasn’t change through the last decades and centuries, is the genuine Carinthian hospitality and tradition that we, as a host family, pass on with joy to our guests.